Steven Levy:

Indeed, one of his protégé, Andy Hertzfeld, remains inspired by hacking. Hertzfeld wasn’t a major figure in my book, but as one of Apple’s early employees and a designer of the Macintosh operating system, he could have been. Today he’s at Google, where his most visible contribution thus far is a feature that creates chronologies for Google News queries, so users can see how a story has developed over time.

But hacking in your fifties isn’t as easy as it is in your twenties. “When I was hacking on the Mac, I’d be working away and think an hour had passed; then I’d look up, and it had been four hours,” Hertzfeld says. “Now when I think an hour has gone by, I look up and it’s an hour.”

För 25 år sedan kom boken “Hackers – Heroes of the computer generation” ut. Författaren Steven Levy har ännu en gång besökt en rad av de personer han intervjuade för boken för att se hur de har förändrats sedan dess.

Intressant också att Andy Hertzfield, en av skaparna av Macintosh, numera jobbar på Google…

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