Surface Studio

Mike Krahulik, tecknare av Penny Arcade:

If you have not heard already, Microsoft just announced a new device called the Surface Studio. It’s essentially a Surface computer for your desktop. From what I understand, you can go to any Microsoft store today and actually play with one. It’s a big beautiful screen on this slick armature that lets you adjust it from a normal monitor to something more like a drafting table for drawing on. I get questions about Surface devices and drawing all the time and I am sure this one will be no different. In fact I can already see tweets coming in asking what I think. So If you’re curious what I think about the Surface Studio, you are in luck, because I have been drawing on one for the last week.

Med en prislapp på runt 30000 kronor och uppåt är Surface Studio knappast riktad till vilken köpare som helst, men med det sagt: jisses vad jag vill ha en. Jag hoppas Microsoft släpper denna, och den uppdaterade Surface Book, för test så jag kan skriva om båda här på Macpro.

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