Windows nu också för Intel-processorer!

Windows to Run on Intel Processors
By Russell Skingsley

Redmond , WA – Microsoft announced today at a press gathering that Windows XP
will be ported to work on the Intel range of x86 processors.

Microsoft denies that this has anything to do with recent announcement from
Apple Computer at their worldwide developers conference.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was enthusiastic about the move today as he
described one of the largest moves in the operating system’s history.

“We want to show the world that we can innovate just as well as Apple, this is
not about copying them, it’s just coincidental.”

He described the process by which developers will be able to make the
transition. “Anyone who is using our current set of development tools will be
able to recompile for Intel and be working within years”

Microsoft will be offering a developers’ transition pack that consists of an
Intel Pentium 4 based PC with a prerelease version of “Windows for Intel” for
$99,999. Ballmer justified the price tag by stating that developers “who make
serious money from Windows” will want to be on this transition early in the
development cycle. “And besides, there’s a ‘where’s Clippy?’ coloring book
inside every developer pack,” said Ballmer.

When Mr. Ballmer was asked from the press gathering whether Bill Gates had
been consulted about this “move” he became agitated as he said that he “need
not consult Bill on every little technical issue.”

(Det är inte Fredag, det är Midsommar! Ha det så skönt i helgen!)

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