Machine Man, 33 sidor senare

Fortfarande enormt läsvärd, rolig och tankeväckande. Max Barry om idén bakom en-sida-om-dagen-modellen:

What I’m doing now is a ‘page’ each day that’s a self-contained scene, maybe a couple hundred words long. Each five-day week is a chapter, and ideally ends with a small cliff-hanger. That structure means I don’t get to muck around; there’s pressure on each tiny page to justify its existence.

Since this is all very experimental, I thought I’d make it real-time as well: I’d post pages as I wrote them, one a day. And because that wasn’t terrifying enough, I added the ability for people to post comments. It’s like having a book club meeting in my study, yakking about all the things I’m doing wrong as I’m doing them.

Inom kort kommer det att kosta 6.99 dollar att prenumerera på boken, och jag vet att åtminstone jag definitivt kommer att betala. Tills dess kan man läsa hela klabbet här där man även kan prenumerera via e-post.

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