En hälsosam sågning av American Express

Greg Lehey:

On Tuesday, 12 May 2009 I received another stupid call (“This is American Express, can you please identify yourself?”), telling me that I was in serious trouble because my account was in arrears. It seems that this part of American Express had wanted me to pay the sum immediately, and not to wait until the date stated on the invoice. What kind of nonsense is that, especially since I discussed exactly this matter with the previous consultant.

Getting sense out of these people is like getting blood out of a stone, but the second consultant (Veronica) did tell me that the first one had given me incorrect advice, but that she would accept it, and I would have no further problems. I asked her how I could know that some future consultant would not say that she had given me incorrect advice; that was, of course, impossible.

Jag har aldrig nyttjat American Express då alla jag känner som har eller har haft ett kort från företaget har stångat sig blodiga mot företagets korkade administration och regler, som om de var en stat i staten.

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