Vad är det för fel på Apple TV?


Now look at the image of the Apple TV menu below. On the left side, you see menu choices for Movies, TV Shows, Music, YouTube, Podcasts, Photos, and for Apple TV settings. Each of those exposes more choices on the right side of the display. For Movies, the secondary options Trailers, Rented Movies, Top Movies, Genres, All HD, Search, and My Movies. The TV Shows and Music menu options follow a similar pattern, with My TV Shows and My Music stashed at the very end of their respective menus.

Do you detect the pattern here? Unlike in iTunes, your media is relegated to the very last option of each menu category. Out of six “Movies” choices, five are about obtaining movies from the iTunes Store, and only one is about watching the movies you already own in iTunes. Out of seven choices for TV shows, six are about obtaining TV shows from the iTunes Store.

Men man kan inte låta bli att gilla den ändå.

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