David Lidsky:

Wow, there’s two hours of my life that I won’t get back anytime soon. Today’s epic bore of a keynote address at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference signals the problem that Steve Jobs has created as the designated showman/face of Apple. Jobs’ rampant control issues and megalomania are so acute that everyone else who works for him sounds like they’ve never had to address the family dinner table, much less the assembled throng of thousands of Apple developers and the untold millions of fanboys refreshing liveblogs around the world.
Of course, some of these Apple execs have been on the big stage before. But as faceless helpers in the service of King Steve, their charisma deficit has been an asset. I’m surprised Jobs never outfitted them with black sweatshirts with only their first names on them, like the henchman to the supervillains in the 1960s Batman TV series. With Jobs behind the scenes, though, the implications of his claustrophobic management and one-spotlight-only public-relations style has become a massive liability for the company.

Keynoten var, minst sagt, sparsmakad på utstrålning. Schiller är som alla vet en krängare och trivs verkligen inte på scenen. Det gjorde han inte på Macworld i Paris när Jobs låg på operationsbordet, och det gjorde han inte går heller. Bertrand Serlet var mest rolig att beskåda då han kämpade med sin engelska, och jag kan inte komma ifrån hur Scott Forstall ser en aning hulganaktig ut. Kanske skulle han pröva att stoppa in skjortan i byxorna?

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