Så kan App Store bli bättre

Steven Frank:

1) A public and detailed list of apps (or types of apps) that have been frequently rejected and why, so the developer can pre-determine where they’re likely to land. A more unlikely idea would be a tentative “pre-approval” process — you’d write in and say “I want to write a basketball game, but instead of basketballs, the players throw live chickens. Is that for sure going to get rejected?” and they might write back and say “No, but we suggest a 17+ rating when you submit.” Best to know these things before you’ve sunk two months or more into development. Again, unlikely.

2) A way to specify in more detail why an app is 17+. Rather than a one-size-fits-all warning, tell me what it is that I might object to. Bad language? Full frontal nudity? A controversial political opinion? Or is it just because the app has a WebView? This isn’t just good for developers, but it’s more useful to the parents and caretakers who actually have to make a decision about this.

3) Repeal or dramatically loosen the “duplicates existing functionality” rule. If Apple is going to take an anti-trust bullet, it’s going to be over this. There is no other way for me to view it than simply competition-stifling. It strikes me as way more dangerous to Apple than it is beneficial to them.

4) Go for at least 30 days without an app rejection that makes me want to beat my head against the wall after I read about it.

Så sant, så sant.

(via Daring Fireball)

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