Varför det är svårt att inte älska Omni Group

The Omni Mouth:

I’m heading to Chicago for the BlogHer conference tomorrow, and as part of my last-minute preparations (which include charging an embarrassing number of electronic devices, because god forbid I become digitally detached for ONE HOT SECOND; also, packing several candy bars because 1) calories totally don’t count when consumed during travel and 2) humans taste terrible, which is why if you crash in the mountains and are forced to consume the flesh of your fellow passengers, it’s best to have a Snickers on hand for a nice palate-cleansing dessert), I’ve entered my travel-related information into OmniFocus.

De är trevliga och roliga. Man vill gärna ge dem sina pengar och man får förbaskat bra produkter i gengäld. Hur enkelt som helst.

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