Angående Netbooks

Jeremy Horwitz:

The power supply is a big, junky mess of bulging parts and Velcro. Its trackpad’s buttons creak. The screen, covered in a thin sheet of plastic, feels like a constant reminder of how nice even the plastic MacBook’s screen is, and its bezel isn’t the same color as was advertised or shown on the box. There are cheesy diagonal lines running through the trackpad, the bezel, and the top casing. And the keys are covered in secondary icons that just feel unnecessary and confusing. The various stickers on the machine could all be pulled off, their adhesive peeling with a little extra rubbing alcohol, but what was left at the end is still undeniably a somewhat cheap-feeling, cheap-looking PC. And this is the more expensive version—one that has been praised by PC publications all over the place as being better than its peers. The $350 one is apparently worse, thanks to a less impressive keyboard, which due to confusion in model numbers you mightn’t realize you’re obligated to deal with if you want a NB205 in black.

Oavsett om Apple kan bygga en netbook, så vill de inte. Och när Apple inte vill så finns det ingen chans i helskotta att något dyker upp, oavsett vad kunderna säger.

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