Mer om Flash på iPhone

Smart, ja, men inte snyggt:

What is going on is that the Flash build environment is not using any of the standard Mac OS X/iPhone OS bundling or localization mechanisms. Instead they are transforming all their assets into embeddable objects and shoving them directly into their application’s TEXT section. At first glance that might not seem so bad, but it has a bunch of consequences. It defeats almost any sort of caching or prefetch logic the OS has for specific data types (like images), and instead places all of the pressure directly on the VM and paging subsystems.

To be clear this is no way violation of the SDK agreement, and embedding objects into an app in this way is occasionally appropriate, but the degree to which it is happening with these cross compiled apps is different, and likely will have a number of significant (negative) performance implications

(Via Daring Fireball)

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