Varför Windows 7 är så dyrt

Robert Cringely:

The better question to ask is why Microsoft decided to set the price point where they did? And the answer to that one is quite simple: Microsoft doesn’t actually want you to upgrade to Windows 7 at all.

Microsoft wants you to buy a new Windows 7 PC instead.

Setting the price at $119.95 is a brilliant move on Microsoft’s part. The company doesn’t want users to upgrade so by setting the price high Microsoft is essentially imposing a Windows 7 upgrade tax on users. Buy a new Windows 7 PC from Staples and the software price drops to $49.95, the same as Snow Leopard.

Here’s another piece of evidence aiming in the same direction: have you actually done a Windows 7 upgrade? Mine took seven hours! It shouldn’t have to take that long unless part of the goal was simply to discourage upgrading. Snow Leopard took me 20 minutes to upgrade, but then Apple has no OEMs to please (this is key) and makes lots of money on upgrades even at $49.95.

Det verkar inte otroligt att oavsett hur bra Windows 7 är så kommer Microsoft ändå att snubbla över sin egen girighet. Att kunderna dessutom skriker efter en uppgradering från Windows XP värd namnet lär ju inte ha förblindat Microsoft särskilt mycket mindre. Ska du köra Windows, har du helt enkelt inget val: du måste uppgradera till Windows 7.

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