“Åtta röster om Steve Jobs”

Roliga och talande citat från tre av dem:

I remember when Steve was my neighbor in Woodside, Calif., and he had no furniture. It struck me that there wasn’t furniture good enough for Steve in the world. He’d rather have nothing if he couldn’t have perfection.

– Larry Ellison

During the Jobs 1 era, some of us from Silicon Valley were invited to a dinner in Palo Alto. It was 1983. At one point during the meal, Steve stands up and yells, “Nobody over 30 can possibly understand what computing is all about.”

I pulled him aside, waved my finger, and lectured him, telling him, “You’re incredibly arrogant. You don’t know what you don’t know.” His response was, “Teach me. Tell me what I should know.”

– Andy Grove

There hasn’t been a day in Steve’s life that he doesn’t get up, think about the company he works for, or what he’s going to do next. These are things that drive him. He is a wonderful husband and a wonderful father, but his life is all about doing this kind of thing.

He wants to create something that has value, that has a legacy. “Legacy” is my word. I’m not sure he ever thinks about legacy. He’s just driven like that.

– Bill Campbell

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