RSS drar mer trafik än grafik

John C Welch:

Recently I took a look at the actual file downloads for this site, looking to see how I could reduce my bandwidth usage, and therefore, my costs. To give you an idea, this site ships, on average, around 7-9GB per month. In the last three month period, (Aug-Oct), the total was 26.79GB. For a site that doesn’t really have much in the way of images, and few that aren’t hosted somewhere else, that’s a lot of text.

So, I looked for what the main file was. I expected that the biggest offender would be my main logo, which accounts for, on average, 12% to 15% of my overall traffic.

However, that wasn’t the biggest bandwidth user by a long shot. The number one file in terms of GB transferred from this site to the Internet, averaging 31% of all traffic, a total of 8.42GB of textual data was…


That’s right…the atom feed file, all text, was over twice the bandwidth use as any single other file including an image file that is 1.5 times its size.

Poor is the man who don’t have fri bandbredd.

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