Palm tappar fart

Marco Arment:

Apple’s App Store is not popular because it gives developers an opportunity to write more software and sell it through a proprietary, pain-in-the-ass storefront system. It’s popular because it came with a huge audience, so the development-time investment was more likely to be worthwhile. Trust me — we wouldn’t put up with Apple’s bullshit if there wasn’t a lot more money to be made than any other mobile platform.

Compare this to the installed base of Android or webOS, and it’s much harder to justify the investment. Their installed bases are each less than 10% of the iPhone OS’s. (I can’t find exact numbers, so I’m being generous, but they’re probably actually well under 5% each.) If I’m likely to make less than 10% of my iPhone income on Android or webOS apps, I can’t afford to write and support them.

Palm tycks ha drabbats av samma fenomen som så många datorplattformar gjort genom tiderna (BeOS, NeXT, med flera): oavsett hur bra plattformen är så är den ingenting utan applikationer. Och ingen köper en plattform utan applikationer att köra.

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