Hejdå, iPod

Sean Sperte dödförklarar iPod:en:

Apple ‘skates to where the puck is going to be’. Meaning the touch OS is the future of mobile computing, and despite the iPod’s success, future mobile devices from Apple are not going to be running the iPod software.

One reason for this is there’s really no one at Apple championing the iPod anymore. Ever since Tony Fadell stepped down as VP of the iPod Division (remember Fadell took over the job from Jon Rubinstein, who’s now at Palm) we’ve seen very little advancement in the product line. Certainly the evolution of the iPod has slowed over the last 18 or so months.

Perhaps better support for my prediction, though, is Apple’s history of replacing their own successful products with newer or different models, even at the height of their popularity. They did it with the iMac, iPod Mini, original Nano, etc. Apple rarely leaves a product on the market long enough for it to become stale.

There’s also the marketing perspective. Killing the iPod is a genius move. After all, it is one of the most decorated consumer electronic devices of the last decade. What the iPod represents culturally might even outweigh what it represents technologically. Killing it would create a virtual black hole of headlines.

Jag kan inte se en enda anledning att köpa en iPod. Eller att använda någon av de 5-6 stycken jag har liggandes…

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