Han säljer sin iPad

Alex Payne:

The iPad is too heavy; that extra half-a-pound makes a big difference in many configurations. The screen is too bright for low-light conditions even with the brightness cranked all the way down. Generally, it’s hard to get comfortable with the device, even with a decent case. Typing more than a tweet is un-ergonomic and painful. Plus, most of the really nicely designed software for iPad currently doesn’t handle over-the-air/cloud sync, including Apple’s own iWork apps. That makes juggling an iPad, a mobile device, and a personal computer a major hassle. (Yes, Dropbox is great, but it’s not currently a solution to this problem. That’s up to developers, and to Apple.)

Beyond those good points, I found myself reaching for my laptop and phone often enough that owning a largely redundant $800+ device for occassional use seems frivolous. I offered the iPad to my wife, but she had much the same reaction of “I’m not sure I really need this or would use it day-to-day, save for travel”.

Jag har funderat på samma sak. iPad:en blir den tredje saken i väskan. Notebook och iPhone har man alltid med sig, och man klarar sig nog inte utan någon av dem. Så vilken enhet ska iPad ersätta?

Three is a crowd” som det brukar heta.

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