Lite mer om Apple, Microsoft och Flash

Ett annorlunda perspektiv på HTML5/H.264 kontra Flash:

First of all I find the use of the term ‘HTML5’ in both posts confusing and that seems to be a general issue when it comes to media coverage on new web technologies. Everybody is using this term, but no-one cares to explain what they actually mean by it. Reading news stories mentioning ‘HTML5’ I get the feeling that everybody is attributing much more to it than just the specification that is aiming to replace HTML4 as the mark-up language for the web. In other words: it has become a term for all ‘new’ web technologies, even those that have nothing to do with the HTML5 spec-to-be like SVG, CSS3 and new DOM api’s.

Especially when you position ‘HTML5’ against Flash the first things that come to my mind are vector graphics and animations. Ironically, although the “canvas”-element is defined in HTML5, it’s API is a seperate specification and SVG is not really a new technology but one that already has been a recommendation for over 7 years. Both also require scripting which is in the realm of JavaScript and CSS animations and transitions are in the realm of CSS and not HTML.

Microsoft doesn’t even mention “canvas” in it’s blog post, so even though they claim to be ‘deeply engaged’ in HTML5 it remains to be seen what that exactly means; they haven’t been very forthcoming in that department in the past and so far have only been cherry-picking and implementing it’s own versions of several parts without much participation or consultation beforehand in the W3C HTML Working Group.

Whereas Steve Jobs takes a little more time to get to the real point in his ‘Thoughts on Flash’ Microsoft doesn’t beat around the bush in making clear that it’s not really about Flash per-sé but about video, and not “video” as defined by HTML5 but H.264 as the codec of choice.


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