Angående Apples formgivning

Dave Caolo:

It’s interesting that MobileMe web mail and iOS are sharing so many visual cues. The Mail, Calendar, Gallery, iDisk and Find my iPhone icons in the new switcher are exactly the same as the corresponding iOS apps. Likewise, the compact view is nearly identical to mail on the iPad.

The similarities aren’t limited to software, either. Consider the new Mac mini. Its top looks awfully similar to the back of the iPad. The iMac’s display, with its glossy black bezel, resembles the iPad’s screen.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Apple’s design elements have spread across the line. The original iMac begat the G3 iBook. Then Mac OS 10.0 was release with shiny, aqua buttons. The original iPod ushered in the “white period,” and iBooks and iMacs followed suit.

That’s because Apple’s product line is practically a product in and of itself. For now, iOS and the iDevices are receiving much creative time and attention. It’s clear that Apple believes that’s where the future of computing lies (a segment of computing anyway), so it’s logical that those visual cues would spread.

Min enda negativa åsikt om den nya Mac Mini är än så länge att de är svårare att ställa på högkant eftersom de gärna välter ganska lätt. Inte bra i en serverhall där man gärna ställer de här godingarna på högkant för att spara plats.

Mitt test av nya Mac Mini kommer ikväll, för övrigt. Testet av nya Mac Mini Server hittar du här.

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