“"Apple is a phone company that makes computers"”

Robert X. Cringely förutspår att Apple drar ner sitt professionella segment:

Mac sales today represent just under 24 percent of Apple revenue with 40 percent coming from the iPhone alone. Apple is a phone company that makes computers. It is also the largest music retailer in America and one of the largest video retailers. The implications of these changes are being felt throughout the company.

Cringely har ett och annat att säga om Mac Pro också:

We will probably never again see a Mac Pro computer release on the Apple home page. In fact I expect this current Mac Pro form factor to be the last tower they make…… ever. The lineup will be iMac, Macbook Pro, Macbook, and Mac Mini. Firewire will die when USB 3.0 arrives, though I’d much prefer Apple embrace eSATA, but probably not.

Jag hoppas att han har fel, både om Mac Pro och om Firewire.

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