Misshandeln av Android

Intressant, och skrämmande, läsning om hur Android misshandlas av operatören Verizon i USA:

But, because of Verizon’s heavy hand, the Android (GOOG) OS is severely hamstrung by a glut of useless bloatware. The app menu is choked by a Blockbuster app and a horrible IM client that only works over Verizon’s network. Also, according to Gizmodo’s Matt Buchanan, the carrier loaded a Tetris-type game which appears to be free, but asks for money once it boots up.

But as unforgivable as pre-installing lackluster apps is — and a customized skin over the Android OS isn’t a pleasing sight either — Verizon went above and beyond its capacity for bonehead moves by installing Microsoft’s (MSFT) Bing as the default search engine on the Fascinate. Also, making Bing the default map app rather than Google Maps. Moreover, there’s no way to change either back to Google. The Google Search app and widget is purposefully hidden in the Android Market.

This, on a friggin’ Google smartphone.

Vi ska nog vara glada, som vanligt, över våra svenska mobilnät och våra i jämförelse ganska harmlösa mobiloperatörer.

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