“Önskelista för OS X 10.7”

Ben Brooks önskar vilt inför Mac OS X 10.7, som Apple ska förhandsvisa den kommande veckan:

iOS & Mac OS Love

By that of course I mean a better way for Mac apps to talk to iOS apps for syncing data and so forth. Right now the best way is Dropbox, which requires more setup than the average user will undertake. I would love to see a system where iOS devices can recognize a Mac app via Bonjour and just go from there.

A New Mail.app

Better filtering options, widescreen support built in, keyboard commands, exchange support is better, spam filtering is amazing, filing is improved. Most of all I hope that Apple gets with the times and realizes that most of the world does NOT use MobileMe and therefore needs Apple’s Mail client to work with things like Gmail and Exchange, and to work with those services very well.

Hela grejen med att förhandsvisa OS X 10.7 tog mig en aning på sängen. 10.6 känns ju fortfarande nytt och fräscht. Och om OS X Server 10.7 inom 6-8 månader tänker åtminstone jag sätta mina ambitioner att certifiera mig på produkten på paus tills den släppts.

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