Utvecklare oroade av Mac App Store

Cult of Mac har pratat med flera framstående utvecklare av OS X-programvaror angående Mac App Store och det är slående:

Brent Simmons, som skapat NetNewswire, säger detta:

I’m partly excited and partly worried. I don’t know what the terms will be — for instance, I’ve been working on adding a plugin architecture to my app, so that other developers could add features, and users could download and install those plugins. Would that be allowed? The app is already scriptable and can have style sheets with JavaScript that come from other sources. Is that allowed?

Tinkerability is huge — it’s part of the fun of Mac apps. If the Mac App Store puts a lid on that freedom, then certain types of apps will have some trouble.

Will we also be able to sell our apps outside the App Store, at the same time?

Daniel Jalkut på Red Sweater Software:

Will we be able to sell paid upgrades at a discount to existing customers?

Will users be able to download trial versions of our software before purchasing?

Will users be able to get refunds?

Will developers be able to get contact information for purchasers of our software?

Will applications on the Mac App Store be subject to the same scrutiny as iOS apps?

Will we be rejected for using private API, or covering “tasteless” themes?

En anonym utvecklare har detta att säga, och kanske är detta det bästa citatet av dem alla:

Overall though, I don’t think it’ll change the game for everyone. I can’t see Panic, Pixelmator, Real Mac Software and many others choose to hand over 30% of their revenue to Apple overnight.

Läs också mina tankar om Mac App Store från igår kväll.

Det finns en hel del att fundera över och diskutera när det gäller hur Apple nu får allt större inflytande över våra liv. Kanske är det inte Google och Facebook vi Mac-användare ska oroa oss för trots allt?

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