Apples marknadsföring under ett decennium

AdAge skriver intressant om Apples marknadsföring de senaste tio åren:

Apple’s TV spots from the past decade are like a hit parade of the most memorable ads. Who can forget the dancing silhouettes with white iPods and earbuds against hue-popping backgrounds, or the “Mac vs. PC,” dork vs. hipster sly hilarity, or even the utilitarian talk-touch-and-swipe-to-get-it-all-done spots for the iPhone? However, Apple ads had other influences on advertising. The introduction of the white background in the “Switch” Mac ads in 2002 was the beginning of an aesthetic not only for Apple, but for many imitators as well.

Intressant är också att TBAW, Apples reklambyrå, skapat ett särskilt dotterbolag kallat The Media Arts Lab med syfte att inte bara skapa reklam utan en kultur runt Apples varumärke och produkter.

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