När Apples kvalitetskontroll fallerar

Dave Winer:

I woke up this morning to stories in my aggregator about Path.com. I had heard about it before its launch, and was intrigued by the name. Turns out it’s yet another instant photo sharing iPhone app. I have limited enthusiasm for them, I already use my iPhone, extensively, with Flickr and Twitter.

Even so, first thing this morning I signed up for a Path account on my iPhone.

After entering my name and email address, gender and password, it asked if it can use my location. I said yes. Then I went to the People section to start looking for friends to share my pictures with. I was astonished to see a list of suggestions, all of whom are people I know. I was confused. How could they know I know all these people?

Det visar sig att Path.com:s applikation tittar i din adressbok i din iPhone och matchar sedan informationen där mot den i sina egna servrar. Precis det som Apple väl ska stoppa i sin kvalitetskontroll?

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