Android Market och Tablets

Ben Brooks:

There are very few apps that have been optimized for the Tabs larger interface, so most of the time you are looking at a scaled version of an Android phone app. In fact the Market is lacking the universal apps that Apple has. I did a quick search to find out what the best Tab apps were and among the ones listed I was told to download the New York Times app. So I did, and it was a small rectangle on the screen – which I found odd. I searched again and found that there are two version, one for tablets and one for phones – yet these two version were separated by 5 other apps in the search results. Confusing and annoying me at the same time.

What I am saying is this: you don’t buy the Tab to use apps, you buy the Tab for what it has built-in and the web. The apps that are available are serviceable, but lack compelling design or features (such as send to Instapaper which seems to be quite the enigma in the Android Market). There is a very good reason that Apple has commercials only displaying third party apps for iPad and Samsung does not advertise the same thing, I have yet to find a single compelling Android app for the Tab that was made by a third party developer.

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