Macbook Air blir inte din enda dator

Cameron Moll försökte använda en 11″ Macbook Air som enda dator i en dag:

There’s a subtle but noticeable lag for many actions in Photoshop compared to the same on my 27” iMac. Additionally, the Air struggles to play back 1080p HD video in Quicktime (local files, not streaming). There are noticeable skips and pauses. These issues concern me when evaluating the Air as a suitable replacement to a workhorse computer used by a designer, developer, or even film/sound editor. (Partly to blame may be the 23 inches of screen space it was powering while doing these activities.)

Precis som min lilla Air hemma. Den gör sig bäst framför teven eller ute på resande fot. Ska det jobbas lite mer seriöst är det min Mac Pro som gäller.

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