Hur våra möten förändrats tack vare iPad

The Brooks Review:

In college my Aunt told me a story of how she runs a meeting (circa 2001), she said that she has two phrases to start a meeting: ‘set phasers to stun’ and ‘shields down’. ‘Set phasers to stun’ means that you need to turn your phones to vibrate. ‘Shields down’ means that you need to lower your laptop screens, if not close the lid completely. Being a huge Star Trek fan I couldn’t help but love this terminology, but I asked why she wouldn’t allow the use of a laptop in the meeting.

The response I got is the same response you are likely to get from any person: it is simply too hard to tell if a person using a laptop in a meeting is actually paying attention to what is going on in the meeting. The second problem with the laptop screen is what I call the “tall centerpiece conundrum”. Have you ever went a to a fancy dinner, say at a wedding, and there is a beautiful tall floral arrangement for the centerpiece at the round table? If you have ever experienced this, then you know that it is impossible to see people across the table from you and as a result impossible to carry on a conversation with those people.

This same centerpiece conundrum happens in meetings where there are a lot of laptops open. There is an artificial barrier between you and everyone else because of those damned laptop screens.

The iPad changes all of this, it can sit slightly angled on the table and not be a a barrier to anyone, or even completely flat on the table mimicking a notepad. Further, because the screen is not staring you in the face, participants get a more open sense about how you are using it — that is people can see what you are doing on it. This is crucial to making the other meeting attendees feel like you are actually paying attention.

Instant-on, enkel att anteckna på, alltid online. Att jämföra med en notebook vars uppfällda skärm är provocerande, tangentbordsknatter som stör och att den tar åtskilliga sekunder att ens slå på om man vill anteckna något.

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