Att dokumentera Macintosh

Mycket intressant intervju med Caroline Rose, som ansvarade för all dokumentation och manualer för den första Macintosh-modellen:

I was working at Tymshare, down the block from Apple, when they called me. They had been having difficulties with a writer who wasn’t technical enough, whereas I had not only writing experience but also programming experience. Someone I used to work with at Tymshare who had left for Apple highly recommended me. I breezed through the interview (and the rest is history ;-).

I had actually interviewed for a job as a technical writer in the Apple II group before that, but, in part because of my experience as a programmer, I was making more money than any of their writers, so they didn’t make me an offer. Unlike the Mac group later on, they didn’t want “hotshots.” That was discouraging; I’m glad Apple ended up calling me rather than waiting for me to call them again.

Rose jobbade för övrigt på NeXT en period också:

You won’t find many people who have worked under Steve Jobs and are willing to say much about what that experience was like. I think it’s pretty well known that he was (deservedly) both admired and feared. I’ll leave it at that.

Rose arbetar idag bland annat med TidBITS.

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