Från kris till framgång

Jason Fried:

I’ve been a customer of companies that don’t know how to respond to a crisis. These outfits don’t own up to the problem. They hedge, they tiptoe, they get their PR departments to issue abstract nonapology apologies.

Here’s one of the worst: “We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused.” If ever there was a nonapology apology, this is it. And just about every company uses it. I Googled the phrase We apologize for any inconvenience. It came up 41 million times.

Let’s break this statement down. We apologize… Come on—when you really mean it, you say, “I’m sorry.” You don’t say, “I apologize.” If you spill hot coffee on someone, you say, “I am so, so sorry.” “I apologize” is renting the problem. “I’m sorry” is owning it. Now, to the second part of the nonapology: …for any inconvenience we may have caused . What a cop-out. For any? How about for all of it? May have caused? Don’t say maybe—say yes. Own it.

Obligatorisk läsning för alla företag som tror att de kan reparera vad de ställt till med genom att kasta mer pengar på en PR-byrå, eller kanske byta namn på företaget. Eller logga. Jodå BP, Microsoft, Sydkraft, Telenor, med flera. Vi tittar på er nu.

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