Få snåljåparna att betala

Andy Singleton:

My grandparents on one side were Scottish pennypinchers, and on the other side, Armenian rug merchants. They would be proud that here at Assembla we spend only 3% of revenue on general, administrative, and overhead expenses. Even fewer dollars go to pay for online services, although we depend for our commercial lives on the ones that we do buy.

And what about you? Do you pay for all of the services you use? How many of you use gmail or Google apps? How many of you buy the paid version? Are you a cheap bastard too?

We don’t want to contribute our OWN hard earned money, but we should remember that it is important that our vendors maximize revenue, preferably from somebody else. This helps them deliver better quality for payers, and more services for non-payers. We want that better quality, and those extra services, so we should always give vendors at least moral support in their search for revenue.

Mycket läsvärt och tankeväckande.

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