Mer om ZFS och Mac OS X

Ars Technica:

One area where Brady said he was most proud of the integration work was dealing with snapshots. On Mac OS X, snapshots can be browsed just like those in Time Machine. “The stock ZFS code used a hidden .zfs directory to hold the snapshots, which doesn’t work all that great from the Finder. So we married the cool GUI from Time Machine with the native snapshots from ZFS.”

While IT admins charged with running Mac OS X-based file servers might be licking their lips in anticipation of Z-410, Brady told Ars that he isn’t really targeting enterprise customers. “HFS+ cannot scale for server applications like ZFS can, but we think the market for Mac OS X server is in serious decline.”

Två sidor absolut-måste-läsning för dig som vill veta vad som egentligen hände med ZFS på Apple, och vad Brady gör åt det nu.

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