Hur ett modernt företag ska se ut

Jason Fried:

Besides being small, 37signals has always been a flat organization. In fact, flatness is one of our core values. We have eight programmers, but we don’t have a chief technical officer. We have five designers, but no creative director. We have five people on our customer support team, and no customer support manager. And because we don’t have a marketing department, we don’t have a chief marketing officer.

Even as we’ve grown, we’ve remained a lean organization. We do not have room for people who don’t do the actual work. Nearly everyone at 37signals touches our products at one point or another. From writers writing and updating support documentation to designers designing the user interfaces to programmers writing the code to our operations people, who make sure the servers keep on serving, we don’t have delegators who get paid to tell other people what to do.

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