Spela efter Apples regler

Mike Elgan:

The iOS platform, and its stunning popularity, is forcing the rest of the industry to play by Apple’s rules.

Apple is the benchmark against which other companies attempt to reach. If you want to succeed with any kind of PC, laptop, netbook or tablet, you must have an app store, for example.

You have to support lower-powered processors, like the iPad does spectacularly. (Microsoft has always pushed the envelope with new versions of Windows to require increasing microprocessor power. But Windows 8 will support ARM.) You must offer an iPad-like MPG (multi-touch, physics and gestures) user interface. You’ve got to have a retail store.

These are Apple’s rules, and the success of the iOS has got everybody playing by them. Everyone can see who’s leading the market right now, and it subtlety weakens Microsoft’s leadership.

Jag vet inte om jag håller med om att Microsoft har något större grepp om marknaden längre, men i övrigt en intressant artikel.

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