Bra nyheter om App Store

New York Times:

On Monday, in an unannounced change, Apple did an about-face on controversial rules that required publishers who sold content or subscriptions in iPhone and iPad apps to offer them through the iTunes App Store, with Apple taking a 30 percent cut. It revised the rules to give magazine, newspaper, music and video publishers more freedom to sell their content directly without going through iTunes.

Apple confirmed the changes, which came in updated guidelines issued for application developers. But the company did not comment further. The changes were first reported by the Web site MacRumors.

Apple’s rules, which had not yet been in effect, were attacked by some publishers, who complained that giving Apple such a large cut would put them out of business. Some publishers had threatened to remove their apps altogether from Apple devices. The rules also attracted scrutiny from federal antitrust regulators.

Detta är inget annat än riktigt bra nyheter. Jag kan också bekräfta att Macpro Magazine kommer att utnyttja den nya Newsstand-funktionen i App Store och stödja prenumerationer i nästa version av applikationen.

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