Get busy livin', or get busy dyin'

Dharmesh Shah:

I first laid eyes on Andy Dufresne during his orientation session here at the Shawshank Software Corporation. To tell you the truth I didn’t think much of him—I figured a couple of 4-hour mind-numbing “planning” meetings and he’d break down in tears. That’s what happened to most new developers at Shawshank. Sometimes it took a day. Sometimes a week.

Rumor had it Andy was some hotshot programmer fresh out of MIT. Usually someone that talented can write their own ticket, so why Andy was at Shawshank, I can’t say. But I’m betting it had something to do with a recruiter. Or his parents. That’s how a lot of programmers end up at Shawshank, pounding out mindless code like convicts churning out license plates. “I’m better than this,” they all say straight-faced. “I don’t belong here.”

In the beginning, Andy hardly said more than a few words to me. It was obvious Andy wasn’t like the others that were passing through Shawshank’s gate. Most fish start whimpering as soon as our CEO, “Warden” Norton finishes his your-butt-belongs-to-me speech, and the goons from HR begin their interrogation routine. Andy, though, had a quiet way about him. He was not like the others. It’s safe to say I liked Andy Dufresne. I liked him a lot.

Inte bara den längsta, utan också den bästa annons för en rekryteringsfirma jag någonsin sett. Har man sett filmen The Shawshank Redemption blir texten ovan bara bättre, om inte så är det ytterligare en anledning att se den.

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