“"Microsofts problem är att folk inte är korkade"”

MG Siegler:

The real issue is that with the decay of the traditional PC market, Microsoft is the big loser. Sure the “PC”, meaning the term “personal computer”, is evolving, but it’s evolving to a world beyond Microsoft. The iPad, more than any other computing device, presents a clear and present danger to the Redmond-based juggernaut.

That’s why we’re seeing all this action and talk around Windows 8. It will be tablet-friendly but also PC-friendly — yadda yadda yadda. Microsoft is in full-on scramble mode. Individuals at the company admit this privately, but the company can never display such weakness publicly.

And the truth is that they don’t need to. If the PC business (again, the one we all think of now) started to rapidly decay tomorrow, Microsoft could still coast for another ten years, no problem. But internally, I do believe they know what is going on and what they need to do. Again, hence, Windows 8.

I don’t agree with the strategy for Windows 8 (at least what I’ve heard and seen so far). I think bifurcation will only confuse users and push more towards the iPad. But we’ll see. Metro looks good, there’s no denying that. I just wish Microsoft had the balls to go all-in on Metro.

Instead, we’re getting a lot of nonsense about how the PC isn’t dead, it’s just “evolving”. I’m now certain that Microsoft’s message when they do unveil Windows 8 will be how “everything is a PC”. Desktops, laptops, cellphones. It’s not about the hardware. Hogwash.

Microsoft’s problem is that the public isn’t stupid. They see the computing world changing before them, and they want in.

För tio år sedan var Microsoft en kraft att räkna med. Var är de idag, egentligen?

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