iPad populär ute hos företagen

Mike Elgan:

Since the iPad first shipped in April of last year, the tablet has been slammed by critics as a content consumption device, a feature-limited Tablet PC and a pointless plaything for rich yuppies.

Apple itself positioned the iPad as a living room knee-top device, something for mindlessly flipping through apps or games while watching Comedy Central. Steve Jobs even introduced the iPad while sitting on a padded living room chair.

All this spin makes our friend, the iPad, come across like some kind of lazy slacker. In fact, the iPad has become a hard-working professional. But why?

Continent, Delta and United Airlines have replaced their (heavy, expensive) pilot flight manuals with iPads. All pilots now just carry an iPad instead of a bag full of books and binders.

British Airways is using iPads for cabin crews to access the airline’s database of customer data, including who’s traveling with whom, executive club status, special meal requests and other information that makes flight attendants seem like they care about the passengers.

While official implementation of iPads at hospitals is slow, doctors are buying their own and bringing them to work. It replaces the clipboard they used to carry, but brings a universe of highly usable data access.

A sub-industry of medical apps for doctors has emerged in the past year.

Schools all over the world are replacing textbooks with iPad-based curriculum. Apple told the Associated Press that they are aware of more than 600 school districts in the United States that have initiated “one-to-one” programs, where each student is given an iPad to use all day.

Yale Medical School is replacing its entire paper medical program with iPad-based curriculum.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team distributed an iPad to each of its 90 players, complete with the team’s playbook as an app.

A new iPad app called Directors Desk is designed for anyone who sits on a board of directors. It’s for taking notes, presenting, voting and tracking meeting schedules.

Jag hörde om en restaurang i Borås som ersatt sina menyer med iPads. Och det finns säkerligen hundratals andra exempel bara här hemma. Men var är de Android-baserade plattorna?

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