Punkt 1-4

Andy Ihnatko:

So far I’ve refused to get upset about the tight level of control that Apple maintains on its products, and by extension its developers and its users. To me, it comes down to this:

1. Yes, conceptually, Apple hardware comes with restrictions that would be insane in any other context. But

2. Nearly all of these restrictions has an obvious and practical benefit to the developer and the consumer. Both of those kinds of people want every app to be rock-stable on the current OS and hardware, and they’d like their apps to work on future editions without much, or any, modification. And

3. Nobody’s forcing you to buy Apple’s hardware. If you don’t agree with Item Two, go right ahead and buy yourself some other computer, phone, or tablet.

4. There is such a thing as competition. If Apple consistently goes too far with Item One in their pursuit of Item Two, Apple will ultimately pay the price. That’s what encourages them not to become a bunch of total jerkweeds about it.

Läsvärt, inte bara för det ovanstående utan även för resten av artikeln, som tar sig an frågan om Apples nya krav på utvecklarna i och med Lion.

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