Linuxfolket vädrar morgonluft

Driver Apple och Microsofts applikationsbutiker fram en ny möjlighet för Linux på skrivborden?

In a perfect world, a free & open source project like Ubuntu would be most the most popular OS. With innovation led by the unbiased, open, and collaborative spirit of its’ developer community.

Because that way, you know the OS itself will never be a threat to your own business. No matter how dramatic the changes that are rolled out. Your platform will never cannibalize you. Your product will have the same opportunity as everyone else’s product. And you will never fall victim to sweeping policy changes.

Or put this way, as a developer – would you rather pay Apple (and now Microsoft) 30% of every software product sale? Or rather keep the 25% for you and your team, perhaps leaving 5% on the table as a donation to the free OS for which you built your product on?

Frågan är faktiskt inte helt dumt ställd.

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