Unik Jobs-intervju hittad

Robert X. Cringely:

The interview we shot that day at NeXT headquarters in Redwood City ran about an hour but we used only 10 minutes in the TV series. It was our second try to meet with Steve, who had felt too ill (I thought too nervous) on our first visit. We were relieved to finally get him.

We planned to use more from the Jobs interview in my followup show Nerds 2.01: A Brief History of the Internet, but the master tapes for TOTN — all of them — were somehow lost while being shipped from London to Portland, Oregon for that second series. The Steve Jobs interview was gone forever.

Then two weeks ago TOTN director Paul Sen found a VHS copy of the Jobs interview stored in his UK garage. This is undoubtedly the only surviving copy of the best TV interview Steve Jobs ever gave, yet nobody ever saw.

I mitt egna arkiv finns fortfarande NTSC-inspelningen (VHS) där Steve Jobs demonstrerar NeXTSTEP 3.0. Just den usla rippningen som florerar på YouTube för övrigt. Nån som vet var man kan få en VHS-tape (NTSC) rippad?

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