Richard Stallman – Rockdiva

Stallmans rider är inte bara enormt lång, utan också ganska oroande:

If you are not paying me a speaking fee, but you are paying for the airline tickets, I must insist that you cover the costs if I have to replace a lost ticket, the fee for changing the ticket if I miss a flight, or any other surprise expenses associated with my travel to and from your location.

Above 72 fahrenheit (22 centigrade) I find sleeping quite difficult. (If the air is dry, I can stand 23 degrees.) A little above that temperature, a strong electric fan blowing on me enables me to sleep.
More than 3 degrees above that temperature, I need air conditioning to sleep. If there is a substantial chance of indoor temperatures too hot for me, please arrange _in advance_ for me to have what I need.

If you can find a host for me that has a friendly parrot, I will be very very glad. If you can find someone who has a friendly parrot I can visit with, that will be nice too.

I do not eat breakfast. Please do not ask me any questions about what I will do breakfast. Please just do not bring it up.

I tend to like music that has a feeling of dance in it, but I sometimes like other kinds too. However, I usually dislike the various genres that are popular in the US, such as rock, country, rap, reggae, techno, and composed American “folk”.

Nice to meet you, Mr Smelly Man.

(via Daring Fireball)

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