“"Apple vågar inte stöta sig med kabel-tv-bolagen"”


Partnering with cable companies shows that Apple didn’t (or couldn’t) put in place the deals that they wanted to in order to give us content, so they are forced to rely on the providers (cable companies) with preexisting deals. It also makes financial sense for Apple to partner with them because these cable companies already have partnerships with networks and studios, built-in customers, and a distribution network already in place to deliver content; Apple could piggyback on the infrastructure, inserting itself just in the last-stage and greatly impacting the user experience.

This also means Apple is only settling for half the dream: The iTV will change the way we interact with content, and how we experience it, but it won’t change the fact that we pay $100 each month for 100 channels we don’t want, and it won’t do anything about the fact that cable companies are terrible. And it’s not surprising. There’s not nearly as much money to be made by Apple or the networks or the cable distributors in an a la carte business model. The old school way of doing business has been very good to a lot of the people who control the content.

Skulle detta stämma är det alltså samma visa som när iPhone lanserades – en kabel-tv-leverantör i varje land väljs ut som sedan får kränga TV:n till sina kunder med tjänsterna som leverantören erbjuder. Och eftersom Sverige är en liten marknad lär det dröja innan vi ens får se TV:n på vår lokala marknad.

Men, och ett stort men: tv:n är inte lanserad ännu, så vi vet ju egentligen ingenting om vad som komma skall. Framtiden är skönt oviss.

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