Matt Langer tar fram storsläggan

“Stop Calling it Curation”:

First, let’s just get clear on the terminology here: “Curation” is an act performed by people with PhDs in art history; the business in which we’re all engaged when we’re tossing links around on the internet is simple “sharing.”

And yet we see this sort of thing happen all the time on the internet, all these great hand-wringing debates over “proper” attribution (“proper” usually meaning “sending traffic my way as a reward for finding something first”).

And it all stinks to high heaven of self-importance.

Jag vet inte hur många bloggare som anser sig vara en “kurator”, men de är några stycken nu. Langers kommentar kunde vara mer läglig.

Jim Dalrymple kommenterar också förslaget om nya symboler enligt förslag från The Curators Code:

How about just stop stealing other people’s shit.

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