Problemet med Google+

Nick Bilton:

So what’s the Google Plus problem? There’s really only one thing left: bad design and a confusing user interface.

Google is an engineer-driven company. These unbelievably talented engineers have always put code before pixels. They’ve made the fastest, smartest Web products around. But the design of Google Plus feels, well, undesigned. It isn’t beautiful, and in the age of the iPhone and mobile apps, good design is more important than anything.

We skitter around the world with our smartphone cameras, taking pictures of leaves and sugar cubes and sunsets, then applying filters and making even the mundane look beautiful. Clearly, design is becoming increasingly more relevant to people.

Varje gång jag går in på Google+ så blir jag förvirrad. Hur hittar jag information (enkelt på Facebook), varför går det inte att ha en enkel URL till min Google+-sida (som Facebook har), och varför tar allt så lång tid att genomföra på Google+?

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