Tog Apple till domstol – och vann

Seattle Rex:

At one point, the judge asked Apple how much it would have cost them to have simply replaced my logic board when I had taken it in, and one of the Apple guys said “Oh, it wouldn’t have cost us anything, Nvidia foots the bill for each board we replace.”

The judge’s face almost hit the floor as he shot me a quizzical look, to which I just shrugged. I knew that he, and everyone else in the courtroom was thinking the same thing:
If Apple could have replaced my logic board at no cost to themselves, then why in the hell did they drag this out for so long, and why did they send two people to court to try and make sure that I got absolutely nothing?

Friends, this is a question I have been asking myself for three months, and it is a question that I do not have the answer to.

You know, I fully respect a person or a company that stands up for himself/itself when they are in the right. It’s the correct thing to do.

Att Apple valde att ta detta till domstol är helt otroligt. De betalar för två juristers tid, för att försvara sig mot en kostnad som de ändå inte behövde ta. Och de förlorade så det bara visslade om det.

Apple visade sig från sin sämsta sida här. De “uppskattar” sina kunder, det är våra pengar som har gjort att de idag är världens högst värderade företag, och de borde agera bättre än så här.

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