Nintendos första förlust. Någonsin.

Reuters / New York Times:

In 2006, Nintendo took video games out of the children’s rooms and into the living room, as its Wii game console created a new niche as a gadget that the whole family could share.

But with that Wii boom waning, the successor being prepared by the creator of Super Mario looks like a losing proposition, as makers of smartphones and computer tablets take digital games to the bathroom, the commuter bus and back to the bedroom.

Nintendo reported Thursday its first ever operating loss, with a deficit of ¥37.3 billion, or $460 million, for the financial year that ended March 31, slightly better than a consensus forecast of a ¥41.4 billion loss.

Tiderna förändras, och Nintendo är ett typiskt bolag som inte hunnit med i utvecklingen. Mina barn rör knappt sitt Nintendo Wii längre, det är iPhone, iPad och Playstation 3 som gäller. I den ordningen.

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