Hejdå, TV-antenn

John Lilly:

Anyway, after about 20 years of DirecTV, we went only with an internet connection in the new house. (And a landline phone service, whose days seem pretty obviously numbered, too.)

We decided to buy the series we watch from iTunes — in particular things like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Archer, stuff like that. We supplement with a streaming-only subscription for Netflix (mainly for our son), and a Hulu subscription, which we mostly use to watch The Daily Show and Modern Family. We watch iTunes shows and Netflix mostly via the AppleTV box; we watch Hulu through the app on our Samsung TV. It all works fine, and we’re pretty happy with it. The day of delay for availability doesn’t bother us much.

Som vanligt ligger vi ett par år efter USA men jag har sagt det förut och säger det igen: Jag ser fram emot den dagen då jag kan slita ner parabolantennen från väggen och köra allt över min fiberkoppling direkt från Internet.

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