Arg utvecklare skickar brev till Mark Zuckerberg

Dalton Caldwell:

Mark, I know for a fact that my experience was not an isolated incident. Several other startup founders & Facebook employees have told me that what I experienced was part of a systematic M&A “formula”. Your team doesn’t seem to understand that being “good negotiators” vs implying that you will destroy someone’s business built on your “open platform” are not the same thing.

I know all about intimidation-based negotiation tactics: I experienced them for years while dealing with the music industry. Bad-faith negotiations are inexcusable, and I didn’t want to believe your company would stoop this low.

My mistake.

Sensmoralen tycks vara att om du utvecklar något för Facebook som kan eller kan komma att konkurrera med något Facebook gör nu eller kan komma att göra så kan du antingen bli uppköpt av Facebook, eller riskera att Facebook krossar dig.

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