Brevet Steve Ballmer borde skrivit

Jean-Louis Gasseé skriver brevet Microsofts vd Steve Ballmer borde skrivit för länge sedan:

For more than two decades, the Windows + Office tandem has been a source of incredible power and wealth, it has enhanced the life of more than a billion users and has allowed our company to expand into other high-margin Enterprise products and services.
For all these years, we scrupulously followed McKinsey’s “Not A Single Crack In The Wall” advice, we’ve managed to successfully Embrace and Extend each and every possible threat to the Windows + Office combo.

While we initially underestimated these new tablets, their threat soon became obvious and we started thinking of ways to protect our franchise.

That’s when I took the company in the wrong direction.

Att försöka fluffa upp vissa försäljningssiffror och begrava andra i långa kvartalsrapporter straffar sig alltid.

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